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Cognitive Dissonance

by Coherency

As the followup full-length album to Coherency's debut EP Shades of Aura, Cognitive Dissonance is the perfect mix of aggressive grungy rock and accessible melodies. At fourteen songs, this album spans time and space delving into themes of the human mind and cosmology, drawing lyrical comparisons along the way.

Cognitive Dissonance was recorded in Regina, SK, Canada by Brenden Claypool and Justin Mrazek and produced by Coherency. It was mixed and mastered by Caine Lee at Red Lion Studios, Orlando, FL, USA.


Coherency @ CJTR - June 7, 2018

by Coherency

At long last, here is Coherency as recorded on The Cockpit hosted by Jeremy Pilon at 91.3 CJTR Community Radio in Regina, SK on June 7, 2018. The full interview (minus songs played on air) is included as well as 3 exclusive live acoustic versions of songs off Cognitive Dissonance.

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Shades of Aura

by Coherency

Shades of Aura is Coherency’s debut EP crafted entirely with a DIY spirit. Released in 2010, it captured the early days of the band.